BDA Goes to Broadway
1. Revolting Children - G2 Modern
2. Friend Like Me - G1 Ballet
3. Let's Go Fly a Kite - Primary B Ballet
4. Hard Knock Life - Pre-Primary Tap
5. Wizard of Oz - G4 Ballet & friends
6. The Nicest Kids in Town - Primary Modern
7. Be Our Guest - Primary B Ballet
8. Naughty Children - Musical Theatre
9. Stick it to the Man - G2 Tap
10. Into the Unknown - Primary Ballet A
11. Proud Mary - G3 Modern
12. Hakuna Matata - Pre-Primary Modern
13. We're in the Money - G1 Tap
14. You Can't Stop the Beat - G1 Modern
15. Electricity - Primary & G1 Ballet
16. Fame - Street Jazz
17. 9 to 5 - Primary Tap
18. Favourite Things - G2 Ballet
19. Speechless - G3 Ballet
20. We Go Together - G1 Ballet
21. Rewrite the Stars - Contemporary

2021/22 Annual Awards
It goes without saying that we would love to give every child an award this year - whether for their determination to dance during lock down, their confidence in returning to class in person, working towards remote exams or their amazing performance at the filming event.

Outstanding achievement in examinations
Most Promising Ballet Dancer
Strong Technique & Knowledge
Best Newcomer
Lock down award for Motivation and Commitment
The Style, Grace and Poise Award
Growing in Confidence
Continuous Effort and Progress
Most Promising Tap Dancer
Most Promising Modern Dancer
Performance & Musicality
Excellent Attitude & Approach
Musical Theatre
Best Effort in Street Jazz
Most Promising Street Jazz Performer
All Rounder
Dance Captain 2021 - 2022