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Bovingdon Dance Academy's Health & Safety Policy

The teachers of Bovingdon Dance Academy will actively maintain and promote good health and safety procedures. We believe the health & safety of our children, teachers and volunteers is of paramount importance. We will make all pupils, parents and teachers aware of any health and safety issues & we will work to minimize any hazards or risks to ensure the pupils can practise dance in a safe environment.

Risk assessment:

- Our teachers will undertake a risk assessment at the start of every session. Any hazards or risks identified will be documented & appropriate action will be taken to minimize or control the risks.

Specific checks:


-          Floor: is it clean? is it too slippery? Have any obstacles been removed?

-          Windows: is there sufficient ventilation? Do the blinds need to be pulled down?

-          Plug sockets: Are they safe? Is there any wiring showing?

-          Doors and Exits: Secure? Safe? Locked?

-          Lighting: Are they working?

-          Toilets: Are they clean? Are they in working order?


-          The set-up of equipment must be safe and correct.

-          Wires from speakers must be out of the way.

-          When not in use, ballet barres to be kept at front of studio out of reach of  pupils.

-          Pupils to be taught to use ballet barres correctly and safely.

-          Equipment to be stored correctly and safely at the end of sessions.

-          Pupils are not to use the ballet barres without supervision.

-          Any damaged equipment is to be noted in the equipment log and fixed as soon as possible.


-          Correct dance wear – shoes or bare feet, but not socks or tights without shoes.

-          Long hair to be tied back.

-          Encouraged to bring water to class to stay hydrated.

-          All pupils must complete a registration form on starting at the Academy and this will detail emergency contact numbers and medical          



Fire Emergency:

- In case of a Fire emergency all teachers have a clear understanding of responsibilities.  They understand the procedures set by the hired dance studio and will follow them accordingly.



First Aid:

- Our teachers will undertake First Aid training and regularly update their knowledge and understanding.

- Our teachers will keep a First Aid Box at each hired premises & will not perform First Aid without the consent of the pupil’s parent.

- In the case of an incident, a report must be documented in the Accident Book.

This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Last updated: 10.09.22.

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