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Terms and Conditions

1. Class Payments

Bovingdon Dance Academy operates two methods of payment for classes:

i) Advance in half termly installments (we send invoices during the first week of each half term).

ii)On a pay as you go basis – payment ( bank transfer) to be made before the start. Please note this option is only available for our Mini Ballet classes. .

*Please note that failure to pay invoices by the due date will result in a 10% late fee unless we have been notified with a reasonable excuse for late payment. 


2. Cancellation of a Class

Classes may be cancelled by Bovingdon Dance Academy due to unforeseen circumstances. We will credit your next invoice accordingly. 


 3. Withdrawals and refunds

Once half termly fees have been received, there will be no refunds for withdrawals. Where withdrawals are as a result of unforeseen circumstances, any refund will be at the teacher’s discretion. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of withdrawal notification. 


4. Use of photographs and videos

Videos or photos may be taken during class times and performances, and may be used for promotional and marketing use. BDA parents give their consent to this via a tick box on registration of their child. If a parent does not give media consent, this must be communicated on registration so BDA can take the appropriate measures to ensure they do not appear in our media. 


5. Attendance

Good attendance at class will naturally benefit the child’s development and ability. However, Bovingdon Dance Academy is built on the understanding that we all have commitments that may not allow for attendance at class.


Please note that those entering examinations must show excellent attendance as failure to do so may lead to the child being unable to be entered into examinations.


6. Uniform

Bovingdon Dance Academy has a relaxed approach to uniform and allows for children to wear anything that is appropriate for dance class. However, after a settling in period, we do ask that you consider purchasing the appropriate dance shoes.

Please note that those taking examinations will need to wear the set uniform as prescribed by the teacher. 


7. Examinations, competitions and performances

Examinations, competitions and performances are not compulsory. If your child is invited to take an examination, then you are to show full attendance and will be expected to attend and pay for additional classes in this subject leading up to the exam. You will be notified of these extra lessons with reasonable notice. Failure to attend may lead to your child not participating in the examination.

 8. Acceptance of these terms

Your payment, and your child’s attendance of the classes, act as your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above. It is your responsibility to regularly check the terms and conditions, as they may alter from time to time. We advise you read the term and conditions before each new term.


9. Values & Vision              

Bovingdon Dance Academy’s aims to ensure that it’s pupils learn & enjoy dance in a safe and relaxed environment. We provide a 30-90 minute enjoyable yet challenging classes for our pupils which develop technical ability, style and performance with an encouraging and motivating teaching approach.  

Last updated on 10.09.2022

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